Saturday, March 13, 2010

Things Continue To Fall Apart

At some point in my past I broke my right wrist and now the healed break has calcified and rubs on a nerve causing me considerable pain. This wasn't a problem when I was able to take arthritis medicine. However, taking the arthritis medicine has caused bleeding in my stomach so a couple of years ago the doctors told me no more arthritis medicine. The pain medicine I now take for the neuropathy pain helps with the arthritis pain. However, it doesn't help with the pain in my right wrist. The doctor recommended I wear a brace on my right wrist which has really helped because it doesn't allow me to move my wrist preventing the calcified break from rubbing on the nerve.

Also, because of all the hip operations I have had and because of the Spinal Cerebellar Degeneration I used cane in my left hand for 20 years. Using the cane has caused a narrowing in my left shoulder joint. And because of the trouble I have with my right wrist, I have favored my right wrist when pushing myself up in my recliner and wheelchair. Over the years, I have noticed more and more pain in my left shoulder, and recently it has gotten extremely painful. So painful that I now find myself favoring my left arm putting more pressure on my right wrist. A couple of weeks ago I saw my doctor who gave me a Cortisone shot in the left shoulder and ordered X-rays of the left shoulder. This past Tuesday the doctor called to tell me I have a badly damaged Rotator Cuff. And because of the Spinal Cerebellar Degeneration I am not a candidate for Rotator Cuff repair surgery. The doctor did order Physical Therapy which will start this coming week.

Even though my shoulder is extremely painful, I do find it rather fascinating how our bodies are created. Used as a complete whole our bodies work well. Every part of our body seems to work with every other part and when one part is damage the other parts will carry the extra work. However, eventually the extra work causes additional problems. I am not certain how this is going to end up. I am hoping the Physical Therapy will strength my shoulder and help relief the pain.


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