Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wheelchair Progress Continues

If you have been reading this Blog, you know about the difficulties we have been having getting through the first part of the process for replacing my wheelchair. Two weeks ago today, Pam faxed the letter of Medical Necessity, that we had hand carried to my Neurologist for her signature back to Rehab Tech, which they in turn faxed to the insurance company. We had been told to expect a LONG detail getting the insurance company to approve this request with the insurance company doing everything they could not to approve this request.

Last week Monday Pam called the insurance company and was told "Yes they had received the letter and no there was no way to tell exactly where in the approval process it was." Yesterday morning Pam called them again and was told "Oh your request has just been approved". If you call back this afternoon after the letter of approval has been generated we will send you a copy and fax a copy to your durable medical supply company.

This has been a real answer to pray because we were concerned that the insurance company might have been the biggest hurdle in this entire process.

Hopefully Rehab Tech, the durable medical supply company, is working this week between Christmas and New Years and places the order for the new wheelchair with manufacture. We have been told that it normally takes about 6 weeks from the time the order for a new wheelchair is placed until it is delivered to Rehab Tech. Once that happens Rehab Tech will need to add the specialized modifications, things like a ventilator mount, ventilator battery mount and laptop computer tray. Once that has been finished, we must make an appointment with Rehab Institute of Chicago and go there to try out the new wheelchair to make certain that everything is correct. So, as you can see, there is still a long way to go before I actually have this new wheelchair.

However, I think the biggest hurdle is behind us, the hurdle of having the insurance company agreeing to pay for this new wheelchair.


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