Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Here We Go Again

This is a letter P sent our family and friends after I saw my doctor yesterday. I have been fighting a number of Urinary Tract Infections and Prostatitis for the past 8 to 10 weeks and as you will read I have yet another UTI and now a lung infection.

As most of you know on June 30 Phil had his last dose of Gentamicin. At that time we knew he had an infection in his lungs that was sensitive to Gentamicin but because of the changes we were making in Home Health agencies, it was decided to take him off all antibiotics and retest him to see what was happening.

Last Friday, we found out that the urine culture had come back with some new bacteria that he hadn't had before. Yesterday, the doctor's office called and said the doctor wanted to treat it with 2 oral antibiotics. Today we had an appointment with the doctor. It seems the new bacteria is enterococcus faecalis which is a very stubborn, antibiotic resistant bug.

Tomorrow he has another sputum culture done to see what is going on with his lungs. We should hopefully have some results on that by Friday. After they get those results, they will decide whether to remove his PICC line. It has been in 5 weeks and after 6 weeks, it needs to be removed. If he still needs IV antibiotic, he would have to have a new line put in.

This is getting very discouraging. The doctor said if this round of antibiotics (3 weeks of Macrodantin and Dycocycline) doesn't do the trick he'll need to see a urologist. It reminds us of the first year he had his trach when he had pseudomonas a. that kept recurring.

He's not feeling well and has been dizzy for the last 10 days. That hasn't stopped him from trying to get people to give him ice cream which he needs to avoid while on dycocycline. Please pray that nothing else is going on and that whatever all the infections are will finally clear up.



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