Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentines Day Candy

This year for a Valentines Day present I asked our daughter K to go and buy a box of candy for me to give my wife P as my Valentines Day present to her.  P said that she really liked the candies and as she had to go to work, placed the 1 pound box of candy on the dinning room table.

Valentines Day was the day to change my ventilator circuit (the tubing from the vent to my throat).  After I had lunch and after the lunch lady cleaned my trach's inner cannula she and I started replacing the old circuit with the new clean one.  Changing out the vent circuit is something that take all of our concentration, however just as I switched onto the new bedside circuit, it dawned on me that I hadn't heard our dog Tippy lately.

The lunch lady went looking and found Tippy between the dinning room table and the wall eating the Valentines Day candy just as fast as he could swallow  Somehow he had managed to get the candy off the table without us seeing him.  Even as she started to pick up the mess of candy and little candy cup papers, Tippy continued  wolfing down more candies just as fast as he could.  What a mess.  What an expensive meal for Tippy

I quickly sent P an email asking her to call the vet asking what we should do to Tippy because I’ve heard that dogs weren’t to have chocolates.  She called me back and said that we need to get Tippy to swallow 2 Tbs of Hydrogen Peroxide which should get him to throw up all the candy.

The lunch lady poured 2 Tbs of Hydrogen Peroxide into an orange juice glass and while I held a funnel down Tippy's throat, she poured the Hydrogen Peroxide down the funnel.  What a job because as you might imagine, Tippy wanted nothing to do with a funnel being stuck and held down his throat.  But persistence paid off and we got the 2 Tbs of Hydrogen Peroxide down Tippy’s throat.  Once we were finished, out the back door went Tippy.  I leave you to figure out the rest.

Once Tippy was finished getting rid of all the candy he ate, we let him back in and put him in his kennel.

I hope your Valentines Day was better then mine was.


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