Thursday, June 16, 2011

Busy Month

It has been an extremely busy month around here. On Friday June 3, 2011 my nephew I. and his fiancée came to stay for a couple days. They were here to attend I’s college roommate’s wedding. They headed home Sunday morning and shortly after lunch my college roommate H., who I haven’t seen in 38 years, and his wife C. came. H. and C., who live in Alberta, Canada had taken a month long vacation to attend a wedding on the east coast of Canada. On the way back they stopped by us for a couple of days.

H. has not changed much. He is still the same H. I remember from college. I remember all the many long discussions we had about all sorts of things. I also remember that he taught me how to play Cribbage and how he didn’t like to play as much once I caught on to the game and started to win. They left us Wednesday morning and that afternoon, P met our son and family and brought our 6 year old grandson home to stay with us until Sunday June 19 when his parents will come to pick him up.

For the first 6 days P. was on vacation from work so she and L. went and did a lot of things. However, yesterday P. was back at work so it was just L. and me home alone. Well not exactly home alone, the Home Health Nurse came, the lady came to clean my trach and get me lunch and do whatever else needed doing around here. Then a couple of hours after lunch the Home Aid came to help me shower. However, in the middle when there was no activity I think poor L. was a bit bored. At one point he said that he wished his Grandmother was still home. I don’t think it helped that I ended up having to take a nap after breakfast and again after lunch. However, L. did take a paper grocery bag and cut eye, nose, mouth and arm holed in it to wear as a mask.

Today L. is going over to some friends of ours who have a couple of kids his age. Tomorrow our daughter K. is coming to stay here with me and I am certain L. and his aunt will be able to find lots to do.

Right now as I am in bed writing this he is sitting in my wheelchair watching the Movie “Wallace & Grommit the Curse of the Were-Rabbit” waiting for our friends to come.

Our friends just came and it sounds like they will be going strawberry picking. Hopefully they manage to pick enough so we can have some fresh locally grown berries. Also hopefully, L. doesn’t get too muddy.


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