Monday, October 16, 2006

The troubling thing about the weekend was how tired I was by the time we arrived. When we could get in our room at 4 PM on Friday, I had to spend a couple hours in bed. On Saturday morning, I spend time in the water park taking photos of everyone. However, once again Saturday afternoon, I was in bed for about 4 hours.

On the way home yesterday we met P's cousin for lunch. We visited with them for a couple of hours before heading home. The Gate belt worked wonders. By being strapped in the wheelchair with the belt across my chest, I didn't flop around every time we changed lanes, or turned a corner.

We got home from our Kalahari weekend at 6 PM last evening. I was so exhausted that I was asleep by 8 PM and slept until after 6 this morning. However, I had a great time this weekend with our family and my youngest sister and her family who met us there.

Now today, I am still so exhausted that I don't have the energy to wash up or clean around my Trach and change the drain sponge. So because P is at work, I just changed out of my PJ's into clothes. P's day off is tomorrow so she will help me with a shower. If I take it easy again today, I hope I will feel better tomorrow. Time will tell.


Blogger Me said...

yeah - that would be troubling...

I am glad the Gate belt helped!! that must make things so much nicer.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006 at 12:31:00 PM PDT  

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