Monday, January 15, 2007

School, Housing, Bus, Job

After spending the weekend at my Grandparents, and locking myself out of their house. They drove me back to my aunt and uncle. Early the next week Uncle H. and I went to DeVry to do the final enrollment, find housing and a job.

The school gave me a list of people who would rent to DeVry students. Uncle H. and I drove to the first address and met and older lady who had an upstairs 2-bedroom apartment for rent. She said that she always rented to DeVry students. It looked nice was clean and the price was right so I rented it and moved my two suitcases in. After that Uncle H. showed me where to get the bus and where to transfer in order to get to DeVry. He then dropped me off at school and went home.

I was in the 2 P.M. to 8 P.M. class and spend the first day in orientation. I got out at 8 that evening and had to figure out how to take the buss back to my apartment. I remember being nervous because Uncle H. had showed how to take the bus from the apartment to school and now I was taking the bus from school to the apartment. However, I made it and when I entered my apartment there was another guy there. David was also a new student at DeVry and had the same schedule I had. However, he was in a different section so I hadn't seen him at the orientation.

The next morning, I went to the school's employment office and received a list of places that hired DeVry students. I asked how to get from the school to downtown Chicago and was given the following instructions: Take the bus east to the underground train, take the train downtown. A number of other students got on the bus with me so I asked the other students if they were also going downtown. A few of them were so we stuck together and made it to the loop. I asked a lot of people directions and finally found the Federal Reserve Bank on Jackson Street. I applied for and got a job in the mailroom as a mail delivery person. The job was from 7 A.M. to 1 P.M. 6 days a week. After the mail was sorted, I would have to deliver it to the correct department or person. This was a job with lots and lots of walking.

I was so happy to have a job. It had taken all my saving and I had borrowed $5oo.oo from the Long Island bank in order to get started in school. So I needed this job in order to pay my rent, food, transportation, and the next quarters tuition.

Thus began my college career.


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