Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A good time was had by all

Well Christmas is over for another year. I had a GREAT time. The children were all here for the entire weekend. Of course I talked too much, and was too active. So much so that most nights I would be in bed and asleep by 8:30 and not wake up until 6:30 the next morning. Of course now my Stoma for the Trach is red and irritated. Actually it is rather painful, but I consider the discomfort worth it.

On Christmas morning, my college age daughter and I were told we couldn't get up until 6:45. So at 6:00 when we both woke up she sat on my bed and we watched the movie "Mr. Harvey Lights a Candle" until 6:45. We got up, started the coffee, talked to my grandson L. who heard up and came up stairs. With his help we managed to wake the rest of the family and started with our stockings. Then it was breakfast. After breakfast we opened the presents.

I know a lot of people think that family holidays can be a tense time. I remember a few holidays in the past when things were a bit tense. However, this wasn't one of those years.

The one sad note was receiving a phone call telling me that my 85 year old uncle was taken to the hospital. It appears that he has pneumonia. I talked to my aunt this morning and he is slowly improving. When I was going to DeVry in the late 60's, I would spend most weekends at their house. In fact I lived with them for a couple of months.

Anyway that is how my Christmas went.


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