Thursday, November 09, 2006


Two years ago last month, Dad's computer had trouble. So within a couple of hours after I talked to Dad about his computer, he called me back to say that he was coming here with his computer. He stayed here for about a week while I fixed his computer and he and I fixed the squirrel problem.
For years we had an old bleach bottle on the bird feeder pole to keep the squirrel off the bird feeder. Well two years ago it wasn't working anymore. So we bought a new squirrel guard and one warm October afternoon Dad helped me install it. It worked like a charm, no more squirrels getting the bird food.
However, yesterday morning, I noticed this big fat squirrel sitting on the feeder scattering bird food all over. So I opened the patio door and yelled at him. He just looked at me and continued to scatter bird seed. I got mad and opened the garage door and putting my wheel chair in high I tore around the side of the house and made him run off. However, I was no sooner back in the house and he was back on the feeder. That is when I noticed that the squirrel guard had slipped down the pole allowing them the squirrels to jump past it and gain access to the feeder.
Back outside. Only this time I had some tools with me and I raised the guard. Now the squirrel sits on the ground and looks at the guard.
Anyway all of this reminded me of all the fights dad used to have with his bird feeder and keeping the squirrels off of them. It also reminded me of the "Squirrel Wars" letters we all exchanged a number of years ago.


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I have the whole 'series' in a binder...

Thursday, November 9, 2006 at 1:11:00 PM PST  

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