Friday, October 20, 2006

Wow Friday already. Today we will be invaded by my sister, brother in-law, nephew (who is running the Chicago Marathon Sunday), and between 4 - 8 of his friends. It sounds like a fun but busy weekend. Here is the intinerary my sister came up with for the weekend.



D. and I are leaving mid-morning. We (or I) plan on doing a bit of shopping at the Tanger Outlet Mall or at Coral Ridge Mall. We are meeting J. and his friends J., and A. in Iowa City at 1:00 pm.

J. and A. are following us to Dyer. We should arrive there around supper time. My sister in-law P. works until 7:00 pm and the plan is to have pizza ordered and picked up by the time she comes home. My brother P. has to eat on a specific schedule due to his meds and will have eaten already and probably headed to bed.

Either before pizza or after, we will get J. and A. checked into their motel. Also, J. and I will do a grocery run for the last minute stuff for Saturday’s supper.

At about 10:00 pm the rest of the contingent of friends should be arriving in Dyer. They are bringing sleeping bags and pillows and will camp out in the basement.


Misc. Info: Sometime during the day, A. and A. will be arriving. They will join the group camping in the basement. E. and N. can’t make it – they have pre MCATs to take. T. and B. go to Trinity and will join us Sunday morning downtown. R. is staying with his sister in Wisconsin and will drive in on Sunday morning.

8:00 am – J., D. and I (and anyone else who is interested) leave for McCormick Place to pick up race packet. Probably taking Hwy 30 to 394 which merges into I94 north all the way up to I55 go east to hwy 41 and north to McCormick Place. (There is a shortcut using Stoney Island Avenue – but we would need directions from sister in-law P.).

Noon – Eat at McCormick Place and leave for Dyer. Need to get back to Dyer by 1:00 pm.

1:00 pm – Anyone else who is interested are taking the van south to the town of Grant Park. My cousin has a truck farm there and K. may work there until he goes to Costa Rica.

5:30 – 6:00 pm – Supper consisting of C. B's spaghetti casserole, regular spaghetti, relish tray, garlic bread and snicker bar salad. Dessert may be pie and ice cream. I picked up three pies from Pella Nursery that would need to be baked: rhubarb, Dutch blueberry, and apple.

Supper: There will be 15 for supper.

After supper, J. and J. head uptown.


5:00 AM Everybody is up and almost ready to go. Have D. or D. call J. and A. to make sure they are ready.

5:30 AM Everybody is on the road to the McCormick Place.

6:30 – 7:00 Park at the McCormick Place and take the shuttle to the starting line where we somehow meet up with those not staying in Dyer.

8:00 AM – Watch the start and then take the train to one of the midpoints to watch J. When he picks up his race packet, there will be information regarding his estimated arrival times at different mile markers. During this time we can get coffee, doughnuts, hot cocoa, whatever.

Go to the race finish line and meet up with J. He gets a massage and then we go get his stuff and get something to eat. After that all the Iowa people head out on I55 and home.

A great time had by all!


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sounds very, very busy!! I hope J does well!!

Friday, October 20, 2006 at 12:41:00 PM PDT  

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