Thursday, October 19, 2006

Well I knew I would start feeling better just given time and prayer. My niece send me an email saying they were praying.

The pizza I made last night for supper was good. However, the recipe called for a pound of bacon and I only used a 1/2 pound of bacon. However, I was surprised at how tired I was after only 1/2 hour working at assembling the pizza. I've been tired and sleeping a lot at night and also taking naps during the day. I sure hope that isn't a sign of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa coming back. I hope I am still recovering from this past weekend.

Of course yesterday two friends from church stopped over for a visit and I know I talked too much. I know because I had to use saline in my nebulizer to get some moisture back in my lungs. However, they are used to the fact that I talk too much and just wait for me finish with the nebulizer. We always have wide ranging talks. Yesterday we talked about M. and his wife helping to make apple pies for a Christian school in Wisconsin.

P. had to be at work early this morning. And she was exhausted last night, so I get to finish assembling the Crunch Chicken Cheese casserole this after noon. That shouldn't be too much work. However, I have to make certain to get it in the oven soon enough because P. and K. have Spanish class at church tonight. It is a refresher for P. Because when she was in college she spend a summer in Mexico City. However K. needs this because he is leaving for a 7 week mission trip to Costa Rica in two weeks.

Well my sister is IMing me so I will stop now.


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