Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Oh how we all like boxes. If only we could organize our live and put everything in boxes. That way we would be able to control our world. We could put all our different fears in separate boxes allowing us to have control over each fear.

However, if we controlled everything, I wonder what type of mess we would make of things. I think we would control our lives so much that they would be boring. Also if we were to put everything in our lives in a box, wouldn't we also be placing God in a box? How would we show God's greatness and glory?

In my case. If I hadn't needed both hips operated on when I was 12, I wouldn't have met those interesting and inspiring patients at the hospital in Iowa City. I would have missed out on meeting all those people up to now. People who I've talked to about how I feel God is using me because of hip surgery after surgery. Now when I am confined to a wheelchair and have a Tracheostomy and a Foley because of Spinal Cerebellar Degeneration, I would not have met people who need encouragement with their handicaps.

I doubt that at age 12 I would have wanted to live with these handicaps. Yes, I think I would have placed hip surgeries and Spinal Cerebellar Degeneration in a box and taped it shut. If I had what a boring life I might have had. What would my witness to God's greatness and glory have been?


Blogger Me said...

I love the idea that I can't wrap my mind around God - it is a wonderful thing to hold onto - and yet as you so well pointed out - we put God in a box when we try to put portions of our life in a box...

It rather ties in with something a woman said at Bible Study a few weeks ago, she said that when we get scared for someone we tend to get too involved and controlling in their lives and end up hindering how God is working in their lives - just because he worked in our lives one way doesn't mean that is the way he should work in theirs.

I've been thinking about what she said alot when it comes to C because I get so worried about her - I guess the thing is I was a difficult child and did a lot of things and went a lot of places I would like to spare her and yet I see so much of myself in her I get frightened and want to beat (figuratively speaking) my lessons into her so she can avoid them...guess I'm just sticking God in a box thinking I can do better which I know is absolutely absurd!

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