Monday, October 30, 2006


My Grandson L and his parents were down here this weekend. They arrived late Friday evening. Saturday morning L, his parents and Grandma went to an apple farm. From the reports I hear they had a GREAT time there. Saturday evening L and Grandma went to church because Grandma had nursery. His parents went out for dinner and a movie. I got to stay home alone Saturday. It was too windy and cold Saturday for me to be out. The wind makes it hard for me to exhale. It seems that the wind always finds the exhalation value and makes me work so hard exhaling. Also with a Trache, your sinus do not warm up the air so you are putting cold air into your lungs. Something I am warned against.

Sunday morning we all went to church. In the afternoon everyone except L's mom and Uncle K. took naps. When they woke up, L and I went into the garage and got some apples. I held the bag and L. reached into the basket and put the apples in it. L. carried the heavy bag of apples to the kitchen and we peeled them and with the help of L's mom and dad cut them up. When I thought we had enough apples for one pie L. and I asked Grandma if we had enough. She took one look at the huge amount of cut up apples and said there was enough apples for two pies.

So while Grandma and L's mom finished the two pies, L, his dad and I when for a walk/run. L ran for 1 1/2 blocks and then walked the 1/2 block home. While we were out for his run his Uncle J. came to visit.

Now this morning L and Grandma will go with his parents to the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago. Then Grandma will come home and L will take his parents back to their home.

Now everyone has left and I am sitting here with some tea writing this and trying to keep my eyes open. L. and I watched some Thomas Train on TV this morning. When he got bored with that he told me step by step how to transfer from the recliner to my wheelchair. Then he got his large truck and we raced from the couch in the living room to my bed in the front bedroom. After we got tired of doing that we played running toy cars off the hassock. He got my grabber so I could reach the cars on the floor and pick them up. About the time we were getting tired of this it was time for L. and Grandma to leave and meet his parents.

I am just amazed at how tired this small amount of activity tired me out. I mean all I did was sit in a chair and watch TV then sit in my wheelchair and drive back and forth after L. Maybe it was the small amount of talking that actually tired me out. One thing I do know is that it isn't safe for me to try to get washed up and dressed without P's help. So I guess I will stay in my PJs.


Blogger Me said...

But it sounds as if a good time were had by all...

In answer to the email queries - we are having spaghetti...

come on over...

Monday, October 30, 2006 at 12:19:00 PM PST  

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