Friday, June 08, 2007

The weight of it all.

I want to congratulate ME on the decision to lose weight. ME, you will find that it takes a change in our lifestyle and lots and lots of determination to do this. It is something our family has to watch because of the illness your father, his mother, uncle and grandfather all had or has. My doctor has told me to watch it also. However, if all one does is sit and use ones fingers on a keyboard it is hard to get ones weight under control. Someone told me that when the urge to snack strikes wait 6 minutes and if after 6 minutes you still want the snack go and eat it. Let me tell you, THAT DOESN'T WORK FOR ME. I am more than willing to wait and spend 6 minutes thinking about that snack. My brother tells me that walking is what helps him. Also not having snacks in the house is a good idea. All of these things seem like a lifestyle change to me.

Before I was confined to the wheelchair, it was easier for me to keep my weight at the ideal level I could be active doing many different things. Now I am trying to improve and not give into the urge to snack. P however does a GREAT job of helping me do this, by not having snack food in the house. But now having the two youngest home for the summer makes it more difficult, because there are more cakes and cookies around. I imagine you have a similar issue because of the two girls at home.

Of course being a member of the M family doesn't help because most of us love to cook. Just look at what we did on our vacation. In fact tomorrow C and L are coming down to help out around here and J is coming Sunday afternoon, so I think we will be doing something on the smoker and also on the grill. However, I know how not to overeat at the table, just take small portions, eat lots of salad and vegetables and eat slowly. Works every time for me.

Well this is enough about me. I just think it's good that you came to this decision. Remember you can always call and talk to me anytime you want to. And now we can commiserate about how we feel about food.


Blogger smilnsigh said...

Thank you for telling me about ME and her seriously working on this issue. I went over and told her, I was proud of her decision.

Naturally, I'm in the same boat... with the need to weight. Seems so many people are. -sigh-

I really 'hear you' on the issue of not having tempting food in the house. And I also 'hear you,' on having to have stuff around for kids. Here, it's grands who always come to our house, till parents get home from work.

But, I still work on not having tooooooo much stuff around, which can tempt me. :-)

May we all do as well as humanly possible, with this issue.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007 at 4:22:00 PM PDT  

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