Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Seven Things about me.

OK here goes. Seven things about myself.

1. My wonderful wife and I have been married 32 years and have 4 fantastic children, 3 boys and a girl. Also I have one lovely daughter in-law and one GREAT grandson. My wife and I are now at the stage of life where we enjoy travelling. However we don't travel.

2. I am handicapped with Spinal Cerebellar Degeneration, a disease that presents like ALS. However unlike ALS this disease progresses much slower. I have had it for at least 10 years. I am unable to work and must spend my days on a ventilator and in a wheelchair.

3. I spend my days doing Sudoku puzzles, watching baseball on TV, watching BBC mysteries, and talking to people using IM on my computer. I have a routine that keeps me busy most of the day. I feel it is important to keep as busy as my health allows. My busy might be your resting.

4. I like reading mysteries. Our county library has a Home Bound Library service. So I use the Internet to find books I might be interested in. I email my list to the library and they send me 3 or 4 books from my list. I also tell the library that "Pot Luck" is welcome. This way I get to read authors, I might not have noticed on my own.

5. In the spring and fall when the weather isn't too hot and/or humid, I like to go for walks around the neighborhood. Not a fast walk, rather slow walks. That way I can see and hear the birds and watch the hawks soar. I usually just putter around enjoying the sights.

6. When my Grandson was born, I wrote a series of short stories based on Harry and Tom the Black bears. After writing these stories, I stopped and haven't written any more for almost 2 years. Lately I have been thinking about writing again.

7. I like to think that I am an upbeat happy person. I would say that my motto is to be happy in whatever circumstance you find yourself in. So when life presents you with a trainload of apples, don't complain, make apple pie, apple crisp, apple cake, and applesauce. Then go meet your neighbors and bring apple pie, apple crisp, apple cake, and applesauce into their life.


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