Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Trip to the Farm

Every morning I send an email to all my brothers and sisters. Today's email was about our trip to a local dairy we took with my two nieces; Me of Those Northern Skies, and her sister B her husband R and baby G who drove from their home in Michigan to spend a day with all of us.

Here is today's email.

M's sister B, brother in-law R and Grace walked in the front door around 10:00 - 10:30 yesterday morning. We decided to go to Tyler's Tender restaurant for lunch on the way to Fair Oaks Dairy. And so began The Trip to The Farm.

First we had to move car seats around with my wife P and I ending up with 6 year old C and 1 year old G in our van and the four parents and K riding in the other car. Then it was decided that M's husband T would drive our van in order to make C more comfortable. We were about 1 mile from home when we went around a corner and the extra oxygen tank fell over and started making a lot of noise. T pulls over, jumps out, runs to the back of the van, opens the hatch and secures the oxygen tank. All this as the four adults and K watch and as other cars pull around and stare at us. We start going again and no sooner turn on to BUSY 4 lane Boulevard. and one of T's contacts fall out. We make it to the next corner and stop in a parking lot, T puts his contact back in and the other four adults laugh as they watch this from their car. And once again we are on our way to the restaurant.

Just as we are about to turn off the busy 4 lane highway into the restaurant parking lot C announces that she has to throw up. While we wait for the traffic to clear we tell C to hold on. I look back at her and there she sits WIDE eyed with both hands clamped across her mouth. We make it into the parking lot and just as T jumps out and begins getting her out of her car seat, C loses the battle. As T cleans up the van the other four adults arrive to help poor C. As my wife, niece nephew and two grand nieces and I head to the restaurant M and T take Charis back home and M comes back to the restaurant.

Poor C, she was just heart broken about not getting to go to the farm to see the cows. Poor T he stayed home with C. Now he didn't say if he was heart broken about not getting to come along or not but I think he was disappointed.

The rest of us had a great time at the restaurant waiting for M to come back. After that beginning the rest of the trip was not as exciting. I had a GREAT time at the farm, bought 3 different types of cheese to try, went on the tour of the farm, saw new born calves, and just before heading home had some REALLY GREAT ice cream. It was as good as Sherman's ice cream in South Haven MI.

M did buy some ice cream for Poor T. C was feeling better by the time we arrived home. I think she just had too much vacation.


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