Monday, June 20, 2011

I Almost Missed Father’s Day

Last Friday P. called my Pulmonologist asking if they had received the results of my latest sputum culture. While P was talking to the doctor she mentioned that I had started to suction bloody sputum. Because the Pulmonologist hadn’t received the final results of the sputum culture and because of the bleeding in my lungs, the decision was made to admit me to the hospital Saturday morning. So Saturday morning C. our oldest brought me to the hospital. After many phone calls and signing a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) form the hospital was able to get my final results of the sputum culture which showed I had no infection. After talking things over with my doctor, hospital nurse and the Respiratory Therapist it was decided that the bloody sputum was a result of being on Coumadin and Tobramycin Inhalation. So I was released and was home in time for supper. So I was home for Father’s Day. All of our children were here yesterday for dinner. A dinner they made so P. was able to just sit and visit as they prepared the meal.

About mid afternoon, our son C. daughter in-law K. and grandson L. left to go home. This means, that our grandson’s visit with us has come to an end. Now I will have no one to watch late afternoon TV with. L. and I had settled into a routine where I would be sitting in my bed and he would sit in my wheelchair and we would watch a couple of different “how do they make things” shows and discuss why they used those methods to manufacture the various products. However, before L. went home he wanted to drive my wheelchair out to the garage so his father could spray a lubricant on the hinges of my foot supports. The entire time L. has been here he has mentioned that the foot supports squeaked when moved up or down. So after our Father’s Day dinner, I sat in the wheelchair and he stood on the squeaky foot supports, with the wheelchair in the slowest speed, L. drove the chair through the house, up and out the garage door, around the tight corners and down the ramp so his dad could spray the lubricant silencing the annoying squeak. Then he drove the chair back up the ramp around those tight corners through the house into my bedroom so I could return to bed.

I will certainly miss spending time with our grandson L. I am not as certain if I will miss all the busyness a 6 ½, the ½ is extremely important, year.

Here L is making a cave.

And when L was bored with GrandPippy, he made a bag mask.


Blogger Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing the photos - they were fun to see....he looks like he is getting quite tall.

Monday, June 20, 2011 at 1:39:00 PM PDT  

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