Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Wheelchair Overhaul Day

Well today my wheelchair is to get an overhaul. 4 new tires, 2 new batteries, and new armrest cushions. At least that is what is suppose to happen. Last year we were told that the insurance company wouldn't cover these expenses so we put off the repairs. This year we budgeted for the cost of the repairs. About a month ago we called an ordered the items and waited, and waited, and waited. So a couple weeks ago I called the company and was told that they were waiting for my doctor to return the paperwork that the insurance company needed. I got upset and talked them into ordering the parts. Seems that they hadn't even ordered them. Last week they claimed the parts had arrived and they were just waiting for my doctor to return the paper work. When I told them we planned on paying they said they would put me on the schedule for today. I then called Pam who called the insurance company who told her that yes they would cover the cost of the repairs.
Anyway five weeks after ordering the parts they should be installed. Every time I think about the Wheelchair Company my blood pressure goes up. However, that isn't as bad as what happened to a friend of mine with ALS. They decided to go with a "Christian" organization when he needed a wheelchair. When it arrived months after ordering it, the seat was so big that my friend just slides back and forth. They couldn't get the "Christian" organization to do anything. The last I heard a lawyer friend of theirs wrote the "Christian" organization a letter and now they are doing something about the wheelchair.
Sometimes I think when people see you in a wheelchair they feel they can give you BAD service and get away with it.
I hope I get one of the good servicemen today.


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