Monday, April 07, 2008

I made it

I finally made it out of the house. I was beginning to think the sneeze and squeeze season would never come to an end this year. You may ask what I mean by "The Sneeze and Squeeze Season". I call the time between the beginning of November and the end of the flu season the sneeze and squeeze season. It is the time of the year when people sneeze and with their hands full of germs want to shake my hand. I am always careful not to expose myself to colds and flu. I have learned that if I catch a cold or get sick I end up in the intensive care unit at our local hospital and it takes months for me to fully recover.

However this past Saturday the sun was out, the temperature was in the 60s’, so I went for a walk around the neighborhood. As daughter K and I walked down the sidewalk, I saw one neighbor cleaned her flowerbed. So I stopped to talk and found out that she now has two Chihuahuas. She had the one for two years now and just a couple months ago got the younger one. About ½ a block further, we stopped to talk to a lady who was washing her car. Across the street there was a family working on their front yard, while their young daughters were running around playing with their two beagles. It always amazes me what you learn on these walks. At the end of the one street, there was a mail box that had been damaged. I wonder if it was hit by one of the large snowplows during this past winter.

After about one hour, I made it back home to find two of my sons in front of the house. The older son was washing his car, and said he planned on washing our van and cleaning out the garage. The boys had already taken their mother’s planters and placed them back on the front stoop. And the youngest son had taken a garbage can to the back yard and cleaned up some the dead leaves and other stuff the winter winds had left behind.

Yesterday, I made it to church where I saw lots and lots of friends giving me an excuse to talk too much. It certainly felt good to get back to church after months being away because of the sneeze and squeeze season. Then yesterday afternoon we had our Mini Church (small group or Bible study group) at the house. However, by the time they all left, I barely talk and was exhausted. By 5:30, P had helped be into my pajamas and into bed. I am still tired, so I think I will spend the day resting and watching the White Sox play their home opener on TV this afternoon.

However, ss I write this, the sun is streaming through the window and it is 52 degrees outside. I am really tempted to fill the oxygen tank and head out the door for another walk around the neighborhood. However, I have learned that if I overdo it one day it takes about three days to recover.

So I think I will stick to my original plan of staying indoors watching baseball.


Blogger dot said...

I enjoyed hearing about your walk. I'm sure it must have been great for you to get out after all that time. Hope you can be out more now that "sneeze and squeeze" season is over. That's too funny and I'll be thinking about that when I'm shaking all those hands at church!

Monday, April 7, 2008 at 2:33:00 PM PDT  

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