Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Flu Bug Cometh

Yesterday I wrote about L coming down with a temperature one day while he was staying here. What I didn't write was that yesterday his Aunt K woke up with a temperature and spend the entire day in bed. This morning she still has a temperature in is once again spending the day in bed.

Also about an hour ago L's Grandma came into the den and announced that she also has a temperature. She is now in bed as well. However L's Grandma didn't go to bed until after she had contacted our entire Mini-Church to tell them we would not be meeting this afternoon because we have the flue. This is one of the problems with scheduling Mini-Church once a month during the summer. If for some reason you have to cancel the meeting suddenly become 8 weeks apart.

I certainly hope that I will be spared this flu. I am always afraid that once I get sick, I will end up in the hospital. So in an attempt to help prevent me catching the flue we once again have the Sanitizing Wipes out and I've cleaned my computer, the phone, and all the remotes.

Of course yesterday, before P realized she was sick, she did the entire end of the month items. She replaced my vent circuit, and my trach. This morning she replaced my drain sponge, and trach collar and all the associated items that are required. I know I have been exposed to the flu, I just hope I don't come down with it.

I guess time will tell.


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