Monday, June 02, 2008

Picnics and the ER

As I have mentioned before, we attend a large church. The average attendance on a weekend is 4000 people. Such a large number of people makes it difficult to meet others so people tend to get lost in the crowd. The church feels that one of the answers to this “getting lost” problem is having Mini Churches were a group of 10 – 12 people meet in a home for a time of Christian fellowship.

We have a Mini Church that meets in our home a couple times a month. I like the idea of once a year not having a lesson or discussion. Yesterday June 1st we were having our annual picnic. Because of all the fun medical equipment I require we always have the picnic at our house. Everyone brings one or two of their favorite or best dishes providing enough food to feed a small army. It’s great fun, and I just love it, you get to talk to others about things that do not come up in the normal Mini Church setting because the group dynamics are different.

P decided to not use the grill, instead we would to a Deep Fried Turkey. We’ve fried a turkey before and thought it would be a nice thing to share with the group. Early last week the turkey was purchased and placed in our refrigerator.

Last week Friday I noticed I had the beginnings of a sore throat. Because it didn’t bother me, I didn’t think a lot about it. By Saturday evening I was experiencing a lot of pain whenever I had to swallow anything. By bedtime I decided to take my temperature which turned out to be 99.9 F. I am usually 97.7 so I now had a 2-degree increase in my temperature. Sunday morning when I woke up, my temperature had climbed to 100.9 and by late morning reached 101.9. When P came home from church I told her I needed to go see a doctor. The problem was that in a couple of hours we would have a lot of people showing up at our door. We decided to leave the door unlocked with a note telling people to just come in. P called our youngest son K and asked if he would come by to set up the turkey fryer and she called one of the other guys telling him what was up. After these few phone calls we went to the Emergency Room.

Of course you go through the normal battery of things once in the ER, chest x-ray, blood draws, urine samples, throat cultures. However, all these things take time, lots of time. The doctor finally came and told us that I had a mild urinary tract infection that the chest x-ray was clear, and the throat culture came back negative for Strep Throat. I don’t believe him on the Strep Throat because he also said that my throat was red, inflamed and had white spots on it. To me that sounds like Strep Throat, but what do I know.

We finally left the ER arriving home an hour and a half after the picnic started. It was in full swing. Everyone had helped out; they told P that they had a lot of fun hunting through her kitchen cupboard looking for different items. Son K had showed the guys how to fry the turkey and then he had to rush off to pick up a friend at the train station.

The turkey was great, as I said earlier, there was more than enough food. My only regret is that in all the busyness I forgot to grab my camera and take some photos.


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As they say on my motorcycle forum, if there aren't any pictures, it didn't happen. :D

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