Thursday, January 15, 2009

Change of Scenery

Yesterday I decided to have a change of scenery. Just after Pam backed down the drive to head off to work I went into the kitchen to make some tea. As I rolled into the kitchen my vent stopped working and started beeping. I quickly turned around and raced into my bedroom where I have the spare vent set up. After connecting to that vent I tried without success to get my vent to work. I was unable to reset it or to turn it off. So I transferred from my wheelchair to my bed and somehow managed to turn the wheelchair around. I then removed the defective vent and install the backup vent on the wheelchair. After that transferred back into the wheelchair and brought the still beeping vent into the den. I then brought the external humidifier out of the closet, filled it with water, and plugged it in so it would begin to warm the water.

I spent some time moving my Nebulizer, computer, and a number of other items I have by my chair from the den to my bedroom. Finally I was able to go into the kitchen and make my tea. By the time I settled into the bed I was ready for some rest and a nice cup of warm tea.

I then sent P an email telling her what happened and asking her to call the medical supply company and report what happened. The respiratory therapist called to tell me that he would come out early afternoon to see what was going on. Once he came he spent a long time on the phone with the vent manufacture. When he was finished with the phone call he told me they had decided to send my vent back to the manufacture for repair. Because my backup vent doesn't have an onboard humidifier I will have to spend my days in bed with the vent that must use an external humidifier. My bed is a hospital bed, which is a good thing, so I can adjust the head into an upright position allowing me to sit up.

The nice thing about all this is I get to look out of a different set of windows. Because my bedroom is at the front of the house, I now watch the comings and goings of the neighbors.


Blogger dot said...

I'm glad you have something different to look at. It can be very fun and entertaining watching the neighbors. lol.
I was reading about your trip and had to get my map out and look for Madison. I have some family in Ohio and I think the name of the place is Madison but I saw on the map that you were probably talking about Madison, Wisconsin.
Thanks for you visit and comment!

Friday, January 16, 2009 at 7:09:00 PM PST  

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