Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Turkey Fried or Roasted

This past Thursday was Thanksgiving and we had Thanksgiving at our house. We decided to have dinner later in the day rather than having a mid-day meal. This would allow our daughter K and her boyfriend to go to his family for a mid-day meal and still be by us later in the day.

Last Christmas I received a Turkey Fryer which we have used a number of time this past year and decided to use it this past Thursday to fry the turkey. When Thursday came, it was cooler then we hoped for. However, the boys and I decided we would be able to fry the turkey as long as the wind didn’t start blowing. A slight breeze would be OK but a stronger breeze makes it difficult to heat the oil to the correct temperature and hold that temperature while frying the turkey.

Thursday early afternoon we began to have doubts that we would be able to fry the turkey because the breeze was turning into a wind. When we checked the local weather we discovered that we could expect 9 – 12 mile per hour winds. The boys set up the fryer, filled it with oil and started the burner. The breeze/wind seem to become stronger as we watched the oil try to heat up. At one point a gust of wind blew out the fire in the burner. That was when the decision was made to not fry the turkey.

Now we had to come up with a plan to somehow cook the turkey in time for dinner. The first decision we made, or maybe we realized, was that our Thanksgiving dinner would be at least one hour later then we originally planned. The second decision we made was to remove the thighs, legs and wings from the turkey. We hoped this would allow us to cook the turkey in a shorter amount of time. We started to preheat the oven while we prepared the turkey. However when we placed both roasting pans in the oven we discovered that we couldn’t close the oven door.

As P and the boys were discussing this unexpected turn of events, I mentioned that our neighbor had told me they would not be home for Thanksgiving. They had gone to spend Thanksgiving with her parents at her brothers. So they placed the roasting pan with the turkey breast in our oven and the other roasting pan in our neighbors oven. Because the thighs, legs and wings don’t take as long to cook as the turkey breast, we used the neighbor’s oven to cook the vegetables.

While we didn’t have the fried turkey as we hoped, and we didn’t have dinner at the time we originally hoped for, we had a great afternoon spending the extra time visiting. It was a great Thanksgiving. In fact I spent so much time visiting with everyone, I am still recovering two days later.

I must admit I am surprised at how tired having Thanksgiving made me. This is making me wonder how I will be after we travel to our son, daughter in-law and grandson for Christmas.


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