Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day 2008

Once again I have an infection. Last week Tuesday when the Home Health nurse was here my temp was 99.0 up from my normal 97.4. By Thursday evening I was running a 100.2. Friday morning we called the doctor who prescribed an antibiotic and some tests. Over the weekend my temperature started going down and I am beginning to feel better. However, because of this latest infection, I spent the weekend at home.

Yesterday, Labor Day, we had P.’s sister, brother in-law, nephew, niece and her family over for evening indoor picnic of hamburgers on the grill. I talked too much so am extremely tired today. It was fun to talk to everyone.

Today, I wait to hear back from my doctor concerning the tests I had on Saturday. My older brother and sister in-law are stopping on their way back home from being at their daughters. When in Michigan they like to stop at a store that sells stone ground flours so I have asked them to purchase some for us. We have used the stone ground whole-wheat flour in the past and like the flavor and texture it gives the breads.

With the Many Visitor Friday and a busy Labor Day evening, I will post this and do some Sudoku puzzles.


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