Friday, August 29, 2008

Many Visitors

August 29, 2008 started early for me. I woke up at midnight when my sister in-law closed the front door. My brother and sister in-law were traveling from their home in Iowa to visit their daughter, son in-law and granddaughter in Iowa. They left their home after work and drove here arriving in the middle of the night. This morning we visited for a couple of hours, after which they headed off to their daughters.

Almost as soon as they left, the home aid walked in to help me shower and get dressed. While I was getting dressed, the front door opened and it was the oxygen deliveryman. He had been here earlier this week, when we noticed that both oxygen tanks were empty. At that time he told me he would stop back today to weigh the tanks to see if they were losing oxygen faster than expected. Everything appeared normal so we will just keep an eye on the tanks.

A short time later the Occupation Therapist showed up to discuss a different design shower chair. Hopefully this new design will make it both easier and safer for my to transfer into and out of the shower.

I was just finishing up my lunch when my younger brother and his wife walked in. They were on their way from home to a wedding in Michigan. My brother wheeled in his bicycle, the bicycle he is riding on his RSBT. We spent an enjoyable couple of hours visiting before they left to continue their trip.

What a busy day to finish a busy week.


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