Monday, August 25, 2008

A Birthday weekend

What a weekend! Late Thursday night, son J came down to clean and detail his car on Friday. Before he started on his car, he started the smoker and put a 13-pound ham on to smoke. It took 8 hours to smoke the ham, which gave him a lot of time to work on his car. Once the smoker and the ham are started there really isn't much you need to do except every hour or so check that the temp in correct and there is enough wood and water in the smoker.

By suppertime the ham was finished and the neighbor came over asking if we were making bacon. After supper he finished cleaning and detailing his car and took a package of ham home.

Sunday morning J once again started the smoker. This time he made BBQ ribs. We were aiming for a 4 PM dinner, which meant the ribs would be smoking at a low temp for a long time. After church my daughter K and her fiance K took off for Trinity College where K's younger brother is starting as a freshmen. Also about 1:00 our son K and his girl friend C showed up. K made his Famous Corn Bread. We also had sweet corn and a medley of vegetables which we grilled using my vegetable grilling basket. If that wasn't enough, we all managed to have a small piece of Cold Stone Creamery peanut butter ice cream cake for dessert.

After all that, there were presents, a couple of cards, one funny one from my wife. Shortly after dinner, my brother in-law R called and sang Happy Birthday and after he talked for a while, sister F got into the act and sang Happy Birthday. She offered to sing Happy Birthday a second time only she didn't thanks to her son M who convinced her not to.

It was a great weekend.


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