Thursday, September 11, 2008

Is It Time To Party

They are off to Las Vegas. That is P and our son J left early this morning to catch their flight to Las Vegas. P received the trip as a reward for the amount of sales she made at work. She will be attending sales training sessions Thursday afternoon and most of the day Friday. I can’t tell you how happy I am for her to receive this reward for all the hard work she does at the bank.

Once she received word that she was going to Las Vegas she asked our son J if he would like to go along with his mother. He jumped at the chance. I am not certain what all they have planned, but there is so much to do and see that I am certain they will have fun filled days. There is so much to do that they decided to extend their stay over the weekend and return on Tuesday. I know they plan on renting a car and traveling to the Grand Canyon where they are staying overnight.

Of course this raises the question of “While the cat is away, should the mice play?” I, of course, am staying home. My Home Health Nurse has arranged for extra visits from the Home Aid while P is gone. This will help a lot because our daughter K is back busy at college. I had also wondered how I would make it to the doctor office over the weekend for some medical tests that had been ordered. However, Tuesday when the nurse was here, I mentioned my concerns to her and she said she would call my doctor, get the orders for the tests and come and take care of them.

I talked to our youngest son K and he will bring me to church Sunday. Hopefully I can talk him into staying for lunch after church.

Now the question is do I party for the next couple of days? Or do I let my energy dictate my activity and sit here doing Sudoku puzzle, watching movies, and reading books?


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