Monday, January 26, 2009

Letter to my Brother


Have you ever played cribbage? I used to play cribbage for hours with my college roommate. After we were married P and I used to play a lot of Cribbage. But it seemed that once we were busy with the kids cribbage was left in the closet.

However, as you know it is important for the homebound to keep interested in life. And I was becoming bored with working Sudoku puzzles and watching movies all day long, I save reading books for at night. Anyway I began thinking that I needed an additional activity. That was when I thought about cribbage and wonder if there was a free computer version. After some searching on the Internet I found one I like.

Let me tell you C Cribbage is a game of skill, and while you have no control over which cards you are dealt, you have a lots of control over how you discard and play the remaining cards. However, I have noticed that this can become extremely interesting (read difficult) on the first day of a new pain patch.

I also have found a couple of good things about being stuck in bed, see Change of Scenery. You get to keep track on the neighbors. Also the Southern Gospel All Quartets Web Radio (web based) station sounds so much better on my stereo then on the PC earplugs I use when in my chair. In the late 1960s early 1970s I remember going to listen to some great Southern Gospel Quartet groups with my Uncle H's family. I was going to DeVry Institute of Technology at the time and staying at my uncles on the weekends. So it is nice to find these old groups are now on Internet radio.

Your brother,


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