Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Sick And The Recovering.

Yesterday, Wednesday June22, my wife P. had Gall Bladder surgery. Our son J. came on Tuesday evening to bring his mother to the hospital and back home after the surgery. They left for the hospital at 5:45. By 7:30 AM, P. was brought to the surgery suite. By 10:00 AM J. was talking to the surgeon who told him that P. was doing well and should be able to come home soon.. J. and P. walked in the front door shortly before noon.

Once J. and the lunch lady had P. settled in bed, J. decided to wash, wax and clean his car while his mother slept most of yesterday afternoon away. J. stayed and fixed supper for him and me. After supper and making certain that neither P. nor I needed anything, he took off to spend the evening with some friends watching the cross-town baseball classic, the White Sox playing the Cubs.

I the Sick and P. the Recovering are glad the busyness of the first part of June and that the surgery are behind us. Neither P. nor I are the type of people who neither want nor like to have a lot of attention when we aren’t feeling well, so we welcome the chance today to spend time by ourselves resting and recuperating, P. from having major surgery and I from all the fun and business of the first half of June.


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