Monday, December 05, 2011

Tippy is Here

When P. was on vacation in Florida K. and K. stayed here with me. This meant that while they were at work, Barley their Schnoodle was here with me. That is when I realized just how lonely the days are around here, so I began to think of getting a dog. I knew that P. wasn't allergic to a Schnoodle (a cross between a Poodle and a Schnauzer) which is what Barley is. After P. and I talked about this, I put my name on a waiting list with the breeder K. and K. used to get Barley. However, the family soon talked me out of the idea of getting a puppy. I wouldn't be able to train him and it would be just adding more work on P. who already has enough work.

So I looked in Craigslist for an adult Schnoodle, and found on up in Appleton Wisconsin. After exchanging emails and finally phone calls J. and K. left at 5:00 AM Saturday and drove the 220 miles there and back picking up my Schnoodle.

I wanted to name him Tippy2 after Tippy the dog we had in Kansas, but it soon became apparent that everyone myself included called him Tippy. So his name changed from Tippy2 to Tippy. He is a cute little guy and extremely calm. Yesterday he lay by me on the bed for over an hour. He was on his back and all he wanted was for me to scratch his tummy.

So here is Tippy.


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