Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Made It Again

Last week Thursday and Friday I had appointments at the clinic. Thursday’s was a Venous Doppler to see how the blood clot in my left arm was doing. The appointment on Friday was with my pulmonologist to hear the results of Venous Doppler and to see if I would be allowed to stop taking the Coumadin. However, the Doppler showed that the blood clot was still there but that it was a bit smaller so the decision was that I remain on Coumadin.

Even with having a busy Thursday and Friday I was determined to get to church on Sunday which I managed to do. I think it is always better to be in church rather than listening to the message at home by yourself.

Then on Monday the lunch lady brought her 10 year old son along so he and I could play a rematch game of Uno. Earlier, he won 2 games to my 0 games, and I wanted a rematch. It turned out that I should have been satisfied with only losing 2 games. We played 3 more games and I only managed to win one of those games. So now the score is J. 4 wins to my 1.

Then came Monday afternoon when all the busyness caught up with me. I fell asleep mid afternoon, managed to wake up with P came home from work and had supper. After supper I went back to sleep and didn’t wake up until Tuesday morning. I figured out that I’d slept 12 hour with only a little spot of being awake to eat supper. It is times like these that remind me that I really don’t have any stamina or energy reserve to call on.

However, it was fun getting out of the house even if it were to go to the clinic. I loved being able to make it to church and had loads of fun playing Uno even if I lost most of the games. So all and all it was worth having to sleep so much to recover.


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