Sunday, September 18, 2011

An Almost Clean Bill of Health

Wow after having a lung infection for the past 4 ½ weeks, I received good news last week. My latest culture shows that the MRSA lung infection I’ve been fighting is gone. The culture did show that I have some Serratia bacteria but it wasn’t enough that my pulmonologist is going to put me on yet another course of antibiotics. She will just keep an eye on it.

In order to rid myself of the MRSA lung infection, I ended up in the hospital for 24 hours so they could install a PICC line and start me on an IV antibiotic. I had to be in the hospital for that amount of time so they could be certain that I wouldn’t have any adverse reaction to the medicine.

So after 14 days on an oral antibiotic and 10 days on an IV antibiotic I received a clean bill of health.

Then this past Thursday I had a neurologist appointment and she was pleased with how I was doing. She told me that it appears the Spinal Cerebellar Degeneration has slowed down and it appears that I have reached a plateau once again. Having reached a plateau and seem to be staying there, which is great news. In fact I don’t have to return to the neurologist for 6 months.

So it has been a month of mixed health news. I received a good report from the neurologist and a mixed report from the pulmonologist.


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