Thursday, September 13, 2007

Off to the Reunion

Last year my sisters got together to run a 5K marathon. I mentioned that I would love to run with them. We decided that this year we would find a 5K somewhere and all of us would run it together.

Last January at my uncle's funeral we were talking about how we only seem to see each other at funerals. So I decided that it was time to change that and have a family reunion.

My aunt suggested we combine both functions and meet this Saturday. The town she lives in has a 5K-fund raiser for the local hospital. They also have a paint the town fund raiser where you pay to be able to paint a 3-foot square section of the town's main street. Well I thought that was a great idea and sent off an email to all my aunts, uncles, cousin, brothers, and sisters telling them that we would be having a family reunion this coming weekend.

I think about 30 - 35 people will be coming. My sister, one brother and his family are all staying in a motel about 12 miles away from my aunts. Two of my sons and my other brother and family are camping. On Saturday Sister M. and I plan on doing the 5K. She will walk and I will ride my wheelchair. I know a couple others plan on doing the duathlon - 5K-run/21K-bike. Some are not planning on doing the marathon but are planning of painting the town.

We will be using my Aunt D's house as "ground zero". Everyone is to bring snack, bars, cookies, whatever for during the day. My Uncle B. and Aunt C. are providing the hamburgers and hotdogs for Saturday supper. Aunt D. will provide plates, plastic ware, napkins, and baked beans. I know we are bringing a 4-bean salad and chocolate chip cookies. My sister M is making coleslaw. I have no idea what the others are bringing, some have told me but I've forgotten.

Then on Sunday those who can stay overnight plan on descending on cousin L's church. Her husband is the pastor and we all thought it would be nice to hear him. However, his wife my cousin L. says there isn't room for that many visitors. We will have to see. After church we have arranged for the use of their fellowship hall and will have a lunch of sub sandwiches.

I expect that everyone will be on their way home by 1:30 in the afternoon. Hopefully next week I will be able to tell you how this worked out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a great time, UP! What does UP stand for, by the way? Are those your initials? Or the direction you like your "tippy" (is that your wheelchair?) to face? I hope the ground is smooth and level for you on the 5K.

Thursday, September 13, 2007 at 9:30:00 PM PDT  

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