Friday, October 07, 2011

An Even Worse Infection.

Tuesday evening September 27, 2011 I was in bed and P was out to a dinner with some of her friends. About the time P would be getting to the restaurant I suddenly spiked a temp of 102. +. I was shivering so bad I almost dropped the phone, but I didn’t so I called our neighbor who came over and helped by piling blankets on me. The neighbor S. also called P and had her come home. On her way home, she called my Pulmonologist who told her to bring me to the hospital and she would call and get a bed reserved for me.

That was the beginning of a 9 day stay in the hospital. At first they didn’t know what type of infection I had because it takes time to grow a Sputum culture. So I spent 2 and a half days getting antibiotics that weren’t the correct antibiotic for the infection I have. On that Friday, they finally had the returns of the cultures and discovered that I had Serratia and Maltophilia. I not only had Serratia and Maltophia in my lungs but also in my blood and in my urine. That is the day I started to respond to the correct antibiotic. When I look back on those first couple of days I really don’t remember much.

Even when I was on the correct antibiotic I still was really sick. But on this past Tuesday the doctors didn’t look as sad and worried when they came into my hospital room. And on this past Tuesday the doctors started talking about when to release me. I was sent home on Thursday October 6. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be home again. Even though, I was in Isolation in the hospital which as it turned out to be one of the few rooms with windows.

However, with all the medicine, I still think it was all of my friend’s prayers that had a lot to do with my speedy recovery.