Sunday, January 06, 2013

Neurologist Visit

Here is the email P sent to the family regarding my recent visit to my neurologist Dr, H,

First of all, it was a rather long visit because they were having computer issues and with everything being on the computers now that is a problem.  We ended up in another section of the office where the computers were semi working,

His speech/swallow test results were as we reported.  He does have some issues but he is compensating for them and doesn't need to make any changes at this time.  His MRI of the brain was unremarkable by report.  She wants me to get the disc with the pictures so she can look at it herself.

On to memory issues.  She thinks from the MRI that it is not brain related and because he has been on this medication regimen for so long she is doubtful that is the cause.  Her new culprit suspicion is high blood CO2 levels.  She wants Dr. S. the Pulmonologist to do a 24 hour oximetry and possibly blood gases.

As to the memory test, he has been telling people that he passed it.  I wasn't in the room but from his report that is not totally true. While he is by his report orientated to day, place, etc., the 3 words they gave him at the beginning of the session to remember he was not able to remember.