Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Scare

Well this morning it happened. I asked daughter K to help me change my drain sponge and tracheostomy collar. Things were going along great; I removed the old collar and drain sponge. K placed the new sponge and opened the collar. This was when I decided to help her adjust the new collar’s length. What a mistake on my part because the next thing I remember is catching my entire Shiley Tracheostomy Tube in my hands.

At this point everyone became excited because K had never replaced my Tracheostomy Tube. It was a good thing it was Sunday because P was at the kitchen sink and not at work. She started telling K how to put the Tracheostomy Tube back in. However, I also was attempting to put it back. In my panic I had my head positioned too far back causing the opening to close. Finally P removed her dishwashing gloves, cleaned her hands and replaced the Tracheostomy Tube.

This happened because I varied from my routine. Instead of reaching for the collar, I should have allowed K to adjust it without my help. Normally P changes the drain sponge and collar. And when she is at work and the home aid is here, I always adjust the new collar before removing the old one.

I guess the old saying “Haste makes Waste” is true. This could have turned out a lot worse then it did. I am certain I will be more careful in the future. I just hope I remember this for a long time so that I don’t repeat this mistake.