Thursday, October 25, 2007

So far it's been an interesting week

Last Saturday after lunch I started feeling under the weather. P had a cold so I thought that I might have been catching it. We had been using Clorox Disinfecting Wipes on everything we both handled, but I thought I might still be catching her cold. However, a couple hours later I thought I might have a temperature. Out comes the thermometer and sure enough I was running a slight fever. By early evening it was 100.2 and because my normal temperature is 97.4 this meant I really had a temperature. However, by 10 PM Saturday evening my temperature was back to my normal 97.4. Every time in the past that this happens I end up with another lung infection in a couple of weeks or so.

Sunday evening we had our small group from church. It was great to have a group because I don't always have to talk. I can just sit back and listen. This way I hear a lot of news without having to run out of air. However, I was suppose to lead the discussion time. Only when one is on a ventilator it sometimes can be hard to lead. So, one of the ladies took the booklet and would read the discussion questions and once again all I did was listen and nudge her when I thought it was time to move on to the next discussion question.

I don't remember much about Monday except I wasn't able to stay awake. I think I must have taken about 4 naps. Some were long and some were short naps. I do remember watching the beginning of one TV show and waking up in the middle of the next show. I did this a number of times.

Tuesday a couple of friends stopped by to visit. Both of these guys are in their late 70's early 80's. But we always have more then enough to talk about. One had just returned from Wisconsin where he and his wife helped a local Christian School make hundreds of frozen apple pies which are sold as a fund raiser. He and his wife have been going there to help out for years. The other guy had just recovered from a bad case of pneumonia. His wife told my uncle who told me that the pneumonia was so bad that the doctors at the Emergency Room wanted to hospitalize him. Only he refused and left the hospital against medical advice. So once they returned home his wife called their son who is a doctor in another state. The son came down and after examining his father agreed that he should be in the hospital. However, my friend is stubborn and stayed home. To hear my friend tell the story he wasn't sick and felt like he just had a bad cold. The first words these friends said when they walked in were "We can only stay 15 - 20 minutes." One hour later they finally left. Friends are great; I just love talking to these guys. Every time they would say they were leaving, I would start them on a new topic.

Yesterday, I had an appointment with my pulmonologist. She listened to my lungs and frowned and said my lung sounded rattly. She then looked at the inner Trach cannula and frowned even more. When she asked how I was feeling I told her about the temperature episode on Saturday. More frowns and she has ordered another sputum culture. So we will see how this one turns out. I think it will come back clean and then and a month or so I will have another Pseudomonas infection.

Today a friend is bringing chili for lunch. Sounds good to me because the weather has finally turned cooler. My friend has an extremely active 3-year-old, which should make this an interesting visit.

As I read this post over it appears to be disjointed. Oh well I am just going to post it and go work a Sudoku puzzle.


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