Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Beans, bread and doctor

This morning I am cooking some dried pinto and kidney beans. I want to make refried beans for some lunches. I plan to add a can of chopped jalapeƱo peppers, chopped onions, red pepper flakes, and fresh ground black pepper when I mash the beans. After mashing them I will fill some empty butter tubs and place them in the freezer. They should taste good when spread on tortillas for lunches. Now I know my older brother will not be please with the way I am doing this. He tells me I should add the spices at the time I use the refried beans.

I also have a loaf of whole-wheat oatmeal bread in the bread machine. I hope that the bread turns out OK. I would like to toast it for breakfast. I don't know how the bread will turn out because the first time I checked on it the dough was so dry it was all crumbs. So I turned the bread machine off and added water and restarted the machine. However, just now when I checked on the beans, I looked at the bread and it was awful dry looking. SO I punched it down and now am letting it rise again in the bread machine. So I will just have to wait and see how it turns out.

Then this afternoon I have a doctors "Hi how are your" appointment. Busy day for me. Good thing I have nothing planned for the rest of the week and can rest up.


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