Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jerky Weekend

Planning started a couple of months ago. I talked to my two sons who live locally and to my brother who lives about a 6 hour drive away. After they checked their schedules it was decided that this past weekend would work out for everyone to come here.

My brother C left his home shortly after lunch on Friday and was making good time traveling until he was about one hour away when he came up on an accident and spent an hour sitting in traffic. Both of our sons left their homes in the city hoping to arrive here at about the same time as their uncle. Only because of heavy rains passing through the area causing slow traffic they also arrived much later then they wanted. Our daughter and her husband arrived after everyone else. So the prep work started a couple hours later than originally planned.

Once everyone arrived and had something to eat, they began preparing two beef briskets and one turkey breast. One brisket was prepared by slicing it into long thin slices and divided into two equal parts. One part was rubbed with a pepper jerky mix; the other was marinated using a teriyaki marinade. The other brisket was rubbed using a rub my brother made using a recipe he has used many time in the past. While some of the guys were working on the briskets, son J prepared the brine for the turkey breast. At some point during all of this activity, my brother started a batch of No Knead bread. He started with the basic No Knead bread recipe and modified it by using some of his sour dough starter instead of yeast, using 1/3 part whole wheat flour to 2/3 white bread flour and using beer instead of water. I was in bed while all of this activity was going on in the kitchen. However, there was a lot of visiting, talking, and laughter going on in the kitchen.

First thing Saturday morning was getting both smokers setup and started. The whole brisket was on my charcoal smoker while the sliced jerky brisket was on J’s electric smoker. Once that was done, brother C dealt with the bread dough. He told me that it was too wet and that he had to add a lot of flour making the batch even bigger. The turkey was removed from the brine and the jerky rub applied. The turkey was put on the smoker after the brisket was removed wrapped in foil and placed in the oven to finish.

Needless to say it was a wonderful weekend. It was great having most of the family here and being able to visit with my brother. Everyone had brisket and jerky to take home.


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